Well, hello there!

Welcome to our store!

I’m just chilling out with my lovely family right here in the woods, whilst tending to our family store.

You see, just like you, we are parents who really care about the well-being of our children, and through our extensive raids, I mean, visits to various human hangouts, we’ve managed to amass a collection of awesome items for our baby bear.

There really is quite a lot. You should see our store. I can’t even sleep in it anymore!

Everything’s Just Right

Well recently we had an unexpected visitor to our home. She slept in our beds, ate our porridge and broke our chairs. It was really a bit of a mess.

But we’re really glad she eventually found things that were just right. And now Goldilocks is best friends with our baby bear. Just look at them go!

Have a good time at Papa Bear

Right then, time to get cracking! Hope you like our items and that you’ll have a good time here with us.

Visit our Store now!

A little more about us

Now, we’re not really bears, are we, heh. And you might be thinking, why Papabear? Why not Mamabear? Or even Babybear?

Well there’s no special reason, except for the fact that the founders of this store and the brand happen to be, well, dads. But regardless of whether it’s about Papas or Mamas (it really doesn’t make any difference), we believe that parents’ love for their child knows no boundaries.

And here at The Papabear Store we strive to provide products for your kids at the best value. We do everything just right so that you can focus on the things that matter, and that is being there for your kids.

So have a good time here, and if you any questions, thoughts, or suggestions to make things better, please feel free to drop us a note. We’ll be in touch.